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* This event would be streamed live on facebook.
* This event would be streamed live on facebook.
=== Photos and GRAPHICS you might use... ===
== Photos and GRAPHICS you might use... ==
[[image:LearnDo.jpg  |500px]]
[[image:LearnDo.jpg  |500px]]

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Port Harcourt Arduino Day 2019


Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. It's a 24-hour-long event organized by the Community and Arduino’s founders, where people interested in Arduino come together, share their projects and experiences, as well as learn more about the open-source platform.

Schedule for the Day

  • 11.00 AM = Open Day and Exhibition of Arduino Project, in collaboration with Yourduino
  • 2.30 - 5.30 PM = Arduino edu-activities for everyone. These will be free of charge. No reservation required.
  • 3.30 - 5.30 PM = Arduino keynotes by Kufirre Ebong and the invited speakers (program to be defined). These talks will be uploaded on youtube and facebook.
  • 6.00 - 7.00 PM = Ask Me Anything with Kufirre Ebong and Kuro Jeremiah!

IMPORTANT: Seating will be on a first come, first served basis. Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee ticket holders will have a seat in the conference venue.


  • Free T-shirts for the first 3 people to arrive
  • Free souvenirs for the first 10 people to arrive
  • Light Refreshment
  • Robotic kit gift for the winner of the day
  • This event would be streamed live on facebook.

Photos and GRAPHICS you might use...







[[image: |500px]]

[[image: |500px]]

[[image: |500px]]

Other Documents you may want to use

media:YourDuinocom Brochure 2017.pdf Take a look, Can be edited for you...

media:WhatIsArduinoPosters.docx Maybe useful..

media: Arduino_101_powerpt_slides_with_notes.zip THis is a series of slides from a presentation. Some of them show old Robo1, some may be helpful?? 8M File!