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Give RoboRED Plus - Larry/Terry (Let's get this moving..)

Give away a RoboRED ($5) with USB Cable, Plus: ($0.80) in response to a test / questions : (Discussion below)

Input Devices:

2 - Pushbuttons
1 - 10K Pot
1 - 10K Photoresistor
1 - 10K Thermistor

Resistors (5 ea 220, 1K, 10K)

Output Devices:

5 - LEDs
1 - Active Buzzer
(Serial Monitor)


10 - wide ribbon cable 20cm F-F
20 - Pin strip

? What questions should we ask? ADD/COMMENT!

What IS Arduino?
What are things you would like to do with Arduino?
What are a few things that may be used as inputs to Arduino?
What are a few things that may be used as outputs from Arduino?
What computer language is Arduino code based on?
What is the difference between the statements A=10 and A==10

present a sketch with no comments. The contestant has to comment every line with what is happening with that line. Example digitalWrite(13,!digitalRead(13)); //toggle the output pin state

Another might be: given the attached schematic, annotations and circuit symptoms, what component is bad.

? How should this be presented on the Forums?

? How will the 'questionnaire' work ?

- I am leaning towards existing online questionnaire software to make it easy to use / get results. I'll work on an example. 

? Who is the target audience

I wonder if we should try to include those who would benefit most from this. Many posters seem to have their hands on an Arduino and SOME hardware, and are project oriented. I see this as maybe for "Uncommitted experimentation and education, not tying up their existing Arduino". Hmmm.. ?? 

? What experimental / educational material can we point to for this?

I'd be willing to put up a page with Things To Do with the received package.. Hmmm... again