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Physical Computing / Robot Kit


PHYSICAL COMPUTING is quite different than using personal computers where the only physical inputs are the Mouse and Keyboard. It creates the world of Mars Rovers, Robots, Self-Driving Cars, Home Automation and the Internet Of THINGS.

It is challenging to teach and learn about Physical Computing. This kit is intended for serious study over a period of time, probably by persons of high school or university age. It includes all the parts to build a significant robot vehicle which can do complex tasks like collision avoidance, line following, and remote control by handheld Infrared Remote and by an App that can be downloaded for both Apple and Android smartphones.

There will be a significant online educational how-to and coding support for this kit (under construction now, November 2019). Check the URL below for updates. Coding will be explained for the modules in the kit, and Robot examples. Drag-Drop coding similar to SCRATCH (for both PC and MAC) is provided, with customized modules aligned with the parts in the kit. That software also provides a quick click to see the generated Arduino C++ code, which is ideal for teaching serious coding in the Arduino IDE environment.


KidsBits - Project Learning with lego brick compatible modules

KidsBitsBricksLabel4 - Copy.jpg

This robust kit solves the usual problem (especially in classrooms) of getting the right connections and having them stay secure. The ABS plastic cased microcomputer is Arduino UNO compatible but has keyed connectors that work with cables that connect the many Physical Computing Sensor and Actuator modules in the kit. This gives a strong introduction to the World of Physical Computing that creates automatic systems, Mars Rovers, Self-driving cars and more.

The modules have a base that is compatible with lego brick blocks so that many creative projects may be built with those familiar bricks and then become alive and interactive. There are about 50 different available brick modules available including higher-level functions, motors, environmental and gas sensors, etc.

Coding is done with drag-and-drop blocks in a system much like SCRATCH that works with PC or MAC.


Makerspace Microcomputer Engineering Kit


Basic Robot Kit