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The system has multiple states as shown in the diagram above:
currently working on a more concise State Diagram

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Generator Automatic Controls Project

Collecting thoughts, materials, designs for an automatic Generator Control for the Nigerian environment

PARTS for generator controls



https://www.google.com/search?lr=&as_qdr=all&ei=4cUnXfH_KOym_QbYqa-wCQ&q=best+deep+cycle+battery+in+nigeria&oq=best+deep+cycle+battery+in+nigeria https://jiji.ng/272-deep-cycle-batteries/12v

CHARGE Controllers

This is one I use on 3 systems here: Media:CamperPowerUnit-109821E_english_manual.pdf


TRANSFER SWITCHES There are two considerations, but the FIRST one is critical: It needs to be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for the generator to "Feed Back" into the power line. If it did, there are BAD things that can happen: (1) DANGER to other people, especially Power Company workers, who thought the circuit was off. and (2) overload of the generator and possible damage due to not being synchronized with other power sources on this line. You need a relay system that CAN NOT connect the generator to the external power line, even if it has a fault. So the Solid State Relays "would be great" but they can fail, and thy usually fail 'shorted'... So you need a relay / contactor that is "Form C" which would also be called "Double Pole, Double Throw"..

Relay Contact "Form"

FormC.jpg FormZ.jpg FormCfromZ.jpg

Examples of possible Transfer Relays - LINKS:

(1) THIS is a 100 Amp rated relay with ONE "Form Z" contact. It would take TWO of these to create a "2C" or "Double pole double throw" relay.


NOTE: A relay with TWO "form Z" contacts would be good.

(2) THIS is a 80 Amp rated relay with two "Form Z" contacts. (Type JQX-62F-2Z ) This may be the best choice. This is equivalent to but better that a "Double Pole Double Throw". //www.aliexpress.com/item/32805059192.html


(3) THIS is a 80 Amp rated relay with two "Form C" contacts. So it is "Double Pole Double Throw". It is physically for "DIN Rail Mount" so that's not necessary. //www.aliexpress.com/item/477268399.html

Nigerian Power - Generators and Controls

Power in Home and businesses 230V 50 Hz. 1 Phase to smaller homes, 3 phase to businesses.

Typical home: 230V at ??? current??






Power Project FSM.png

currently working on a more concise State Diagram