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MIXLY is an advanced easy-to-use programming environment for Arduino-based systems such as robots, automation, weather stations etc.

MIXLY is based on BLOCKLY (WikiPedia) . Blockly is a client-side JavaScript library for creating visual block programming languages and editors. It is a project of Google and is open-source under the Apache 2.0 License. It typically runs in a web browser, and visually resembles Scratch (WikiPedia) . Blockly is also being implemented for Android and iOS; not all web browser based features are available for Android/iOS.

Blockly uses visual blocks that the user drags out from a leftside library with their mouse. Blocks are dragged and linked together to make writing code easier. It can generate JavaScript, Python, PHP or Arduino code. Here's a simple MIXLY example:

EC BlinkExample Visual.jpg

Blockly is used in a number of notable projects, including:

MIXLY, a coding system for Arduino-based hardware such as the EasyConnect Learning Kit and the EasyConnect Robot Kit. MIT's App Inventor, to create applications for Android. (Ios under development) Blockly Games, a set of educational games that teach programming concepts such as loops and conditionals. Code.org, to teach introductory programming to millions of students in their Hour of Code program. RoboBlockly, a web-based robot simulation environment for learning coding and math.

Internally, Blockly uses JAVA. A MIXLY installation requires both JAVA and a MIXLY application.