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MIXLY is an advanced easy-to-use programming environment for Arduino-based systems such as robots, automation, weather stations etc.

MIXLY is based on BLOCKLY (WikiPedia) . Blockly is a client-side JavaScript library for creating visual block programming languages and editors. It is a project of Google and is open-source under the Apache 2.0 License. It typically runs in a web browser, and visually resembles Scratch (WikiPedia) . Blockly is also being implemented for Android and iOS; not all web browser based features are available for Android/iOS.

Blockly uses visual blocks that the user drags out from a leftside library with their mouse. Blocks are dragged and linked together to make writing code easier. It can generate JavaScript, Python, PHP or Arduino code. You can try out BLOCKLY totally on the web without any Arduino hardware HERE (click)

You will use MIXLY to code for the Arduino-compatible EasyConnect Kit and Robot. Here's a simple MIXLY example:

EC BlinkExample Visual.jpg

Blockly is used in a number of notable projects, including:

  • MIXLY, a coding system for Arduino-based hardware such as the EasyConnect Learning Kit and the EasyConnect Robot Kit.
  • MIT's App Inventor, to create applications for Android. (Ios under development)
  • Blockly Games, a set of educational games that teach programming concepts such as loops and conditionals.
  • Code.org, to teach introductory programming to millions of students in their Hour of Code program.
  • RoboBlockly, a web-based robot simulation environment for learning coding and math.

Internally, Blockly uses JAVA. A MIXLY installation requires both JAVA and a MIXLY application.



The Apple MAC installation will consist of two parts:

  1. JAVA download / Installation
  2. MIXLY Arduino download / UnZipping