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Sometimes you want to control things your Arduino project is doing, with you hands. You want to "Twist the Knobs"! Here are some Electronic Bricks that let you do that.

JoyStick1-250.jpgHand X-Y-axis Joystick

This is the familiar video game or flight simulator joystick. It contains two 10K Potentiometers that are coupled to the knob. It also has a switch that is clicked if you push the knob straight down.


Hand Rotary Potentiometer

This is what's behind the "Volume Control" on your car radio etc. You can add a flashy knob to the shaft, or leave it as is. This has a total resistance of 10K ohms.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on these and other Potentiometers, and sample Software Sketches.

RotaryEncoder-1-250.jpgHand Rotary Encoder

This is another type of hand-controlled 'Knob" (you can add some cool knob if you wish). It is a digital device which sends pulses to an Arduino that are different when it is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. It also can be rotated continuously, around and around.

We will show you how to connect it and a sample software sketch (coming soon)...