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See the Introduction / StartUp page here if you're just starting!

The YourDuino Electronic Brick Kit (In the shop HERE) is a great place to start for beginners and you can learn to build many interesting projects. The Bricks are easily connected to the Arduino or Arduino-compatible microcomputer using a Plug and Play system of cables and components. The Sensors and Actuators connect easily and can be reused. No soldering is required! Each Brick has a 3 or 4 pin connector that wires easily to </span> Ground</span> , </span> Voltage (Vcc)</span> and the </span> Signal</span> to the Input or Output device. The different Electronic Bricks and the other accessories in the set are shown below. Just click on any item below to see more about it, and see how-to examples. (A few of these are STILL Under Construction now. Sorry!) We plan an upgrade of this kit and the tutorials for Fall 2016 classes. Please email me if interested in details:</span>