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Dov: Notes for you are in this font..
(1) I would like to buy double sided Fahnestock clips to test this theory. I am attaching a picture. The clip on the right is the one I would like to buy. Let me know if you can find one, and if so, what the price would be qty 100, 500, 1000

Peng, Can you see if anyone in SEG etc. has these. Color is not important..

(2) 500 and 10k ohm potentiometers, the kind you plug into a breadboard.
Quantity 500
- These are like the 10K potentiometers we now sell for plugging into breadboards. These:

We need the quantity price like 500. AND can we get 500 Ohms Potentiometers that are the same physically as the 10K we have now??

(3) Resistors: (Dov: 1/4 watt would be OK? WAIT Maybe Later) qty 1000 and 5000:
I don't know that you can do better than I can do in the states, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
100 ohms
2. 1k

(4)DT9205A-1-400.jpg Multimeters. I am checking out Velleman models DVM890F, and DVM93u
数字万用表 Digital Multimeter
- I'm concerned because I've had quality control problems with multimeters, so I might have to go with a domestic vendor, just so I can do returns easier, but I'm willing to listen if you've got a reasonable proposal.
We had talked before about multimeters. I'd like to get a couple and see how they are, so if you can identify something that is decent quality and give me an idea as to cost in quantity 60-100, if it's a decent deal I will buy a couple at the unit price and we'll check them out. Again, if we were to ship 60 via air, can you give me an idea how expensive that would get? That might have to be shipped by boat.

We have a great price on a full-featured Multimeter here:
This is an unusual price because we have a connection with the factory. Even in China, lesser meters are twice the price. I think our price in quantity is $6. I have used one of these often for 2 years with good results. We would replace any that fail in "normal use" excepting obvious damage etc..

Dov: QUOTE Quantity 50 and 100

(5)JumperWires1.jpg (Quantity 200) wire jumper kits, you know a bunch of 22gauge wires bent in those right angle shapes to fit beautifully on breadboards.
Dov: Found these finally! About $3.75 - Checking if any better deals
Like this one:

(6) I'm interested in either low cost soldering irons, or a full temperature controlled soldering station, but as low-cost as possible if I'm going to distribute them. Must be 120V for USA
...Looking, will give options

(7) quantity 60 Arduino Duemilanovas like the ones you shipped me.|| YourDuino328 (Arduino Compatible)(Free USB Cable) || AA-011001 ||
Quoting on 50 and 100 of these:

(8)CableMaker20.jpg qty 200 wire kits, the flexible kind, the ones you already shipped me. However, right now there are a rainbow of colors. We would like more red and black short wires, and some more long wires (currently there are very few long wires in the kit).
Dov: Consider these. I believe a much better solution: (Quoting this)

(9) Graphic-LCD-Shield.jpgGraphic-LCD.jpgqty ~120 LCD graphics display compatible with arduino (ideally shield)
These two show the LCD and mating Arduino Shield

Following is a Serial (I2C) option LCD Shield...

(10) Plug in power transformer for arduino 500ma or 1A
Can't beat these:
Quantity = 10

(11)LEDM3.JPGLEDM4.JPGLarge dual color LED matrix ~ 2" per 8 rows (typically they are 8 by 8 arrays.
We have a supplier. Got a good price..
Dov: Quantity = 100

(12) Spade connectors, 1/4 inch (4 different models) male red, male black, and female red, female black, qty 200 each, 500 if you can get a really good price break at the bigger number.
Dov: Need pointer to manufacturer type, photo etc. Not sure...

(13)Alligator1.jpg alligator clips. qty 1000 or more. Ideally, we would like reasonable quality, with short wires (6") as well as longer wires (18").
We have 18", 5 colors, 10 in package, will quote 100 package price.

Gallium (1kg) UnObtanium (1mg) :-)

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