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Easy Connect Robot Kit V1.0 May 2019

ONLINE: https://arduinoinfo.mywikis.net/wiki/EasyConnectRobot


The EasyConnect Robot kit can be a follow-on project to the Easy-Connect Kit which introduces the ideas of Physical Computing, using secure plug-in cables for many different sensors and actuators. It introduces both the MIXLY Drag-drop coding system and the Arduino IDE sketch coding. See it HERE: EasyConnectKit

Robot Kit Capabilities

  • External power supply range: 7-12V
  • Current Range: minimum 800mA
  • Motor Speed: 6.0V 100rpm/min
  • Motor control is driven by onboard TB6612 motor driver chip
  • The Robot can be programmed for 3 types of operation:
    • Collision Avoidance, using the Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Line Following, using the line tracking modules
    • Remote control with a Smart Phone app on an Android Phone.
  • Three groups of line tracking modules, to detect black-white line with high accuracy and can be used for table edge anti-fall control as well.
  • Ultrasonic module is used to detect the obstacle distance, avoiding the front obstacle when the distance detected is less than a certain value.
  • Bluetooth wireless module can be paired with Bluetooth device on mobile phone to remotely control the KEYBOT. Turn off the Bluetooth first when programming.
  • The shield has added two servo interfaces.

Robot Coding

Robot can be programmed with the MIXLY drag-drop system, or with the Arduino IDE. Here is an example Motor Test sketch in MIXLY:




The Robot has a sturdy metal frame. Motors bolt securely to the frame.



The Arduino-UNO compatible Robot Control Board includes motor driver. All modules plug directly in.


Control Cables have latching RJ11 connectors


The Robot Control Board mounts securely on the chassis with metal standoffs

The Robot has 3 Line Following Sensors and can follow a black line. See below for the MIXLY code example that does the line following.