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See [/RelayIsolation How to Handle Relay Switching Interference Problems HERE:]

Arduino recently released a new version of the Arduino software and IDE called 1.0 (and now 1.0.1) for new upcoming products. Unfortunately many existing Libraries for many boards and devices do not work yet with 1.0. We strongly suggest you stay with Arduino Software version 0022 or 0023 except in cases where you need 1.0 for newest Arduino products. You can install both 1.0 and earlier versions and they do not conflict with each other.

Information, How-To, hookup examples and software examples:

  • [/GettingStarted-Software GETTING STARTED WITH ARDUINO AND SOFTWARE:] (If you are just starting out, start here)
  • [/QuickRef ARDUINO and MEGA QUICK REFERENCE]: Functions of the different pins, etc.
  • [/ArduinoPinCurrent ARDUINO PIN CURRENT LIMITATIONS:] Be Nice to your Arduino!
  • [/Arduino-Libraries ARDUINO SOFTWARE LIBRARIES] and how to find and use them
  • [/Cables CABLES, WIRES and PINS.. How to connect things to Arduino]
  • [/ArduinoPower ARDUINO POWER!] How to Control Relays and High-Power devices with Arduino
  • [/RelayIsolation RELAY ISOLATION] and Interference Problems, Arduino Lockup etc.
  • [/LCD-Blue-I2C LCD DISPLAYS: Blue and Yellow, 2x16 and 4x20 Characters]
  • [/IR-RemoteControl IR REMOTE KIT: How-To and Example Software Sketches]
  • [/Arduino-Books LIST of Arduino and Electronics Books]
  • [/ethernet ETHERNET How-To] for W5100 Ethernet Shields and our W5100 Module
  • [/GSM-GPRS GSM-GPRS (Cellphone) Communications]
  • [/ArduinoProjects ARDUINO PROJECTS] - By YourDuino.com Customers or our own staff.
  • [/ElectronicBrickStarterSet ELECTRONIC BRICK STARTER SETS]
  • [/Nrf24L01-2.4GHz-HowTo nRF24L01 2.4GHz Radio/Wireless Transceivers How-To]
  • [/YourDuinoProducts1 OTHER YourDuino PRODUCTS]
  • [/TUTORIALS TUTORIALS:] Motors and More..
  • [/Arduino-Libraries ABOUT ARDUINO LIBRARIES]: How to download and install libraries
  • Robot 7-Way Tracking Sensor HOW-TO
  • [/TemperatureHumidity AIR Temperature and Humidity Measurements]
  • [/UltraSonicDistance UltraSonic Distance Measuring Modules How-To]

Here you will find:

  • Information and How-To for almost all YourDuino products (Always Still in progress!)
  • Code examples that show how to use Arduino/YourDuino products
  • Tutorials that are matched to YourDuino Starter Sets

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