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The Huntington Grange Hall was an ancient Vermont building that was the site of unnumerable community gatherings, meetings, dances and suppers over many years. It was a stop on Charles Kuralt's "On THe Road" TV program on CBS long, long ago.. There were often "Contra Dances" (Wikipedia: held there and I went to some in the 1970's-1980's

Dancing With You AKA "Huntington Grange" Words and Music by Terry King (c) 1990-1995-2006-2010-2018

---( 1 )----
I saw you that night at the Huntington Grange
and I wanted to touch you, and ask you your name.
I heard the band play, but the room went away
I still can't believe you're real.

I'll go the World over, and all that I see
there'd be nothing.. as lovely.. as You dancing with Me.

----( 2 )----
Well, I knew you were up there, in that Contra line,
and I knew that I'd touch you, if I'd bide my time.
My friend Dan O'Connell was callin' the tunes
in intricate patterns that swirled 'round the room.

Four hands 'round the circle, and happy I'd be
'cause I knew in that minute, You'd be dancing with Me!

----( ? )------( Needs Work ...)
A flash of grey eyes, and the touch of your hand
You caught me off balance, with that smile 'round your eyes.
..  [tanned-unplanned stand-land-band-fanned-grand size-prize-surprise wise

I'll go the World over, and all that I see
there's  nothing as lovely as You dancing with Me.

-----( 4 )-----
Now, I'm not the kind that some people call shy,
and I'm not often worried about some other guy,
but I walked on that dance floor feeling half of my size,
looking for you from the sides of my eyes.
I screwed up my courage ... (What will be, will be )
and asked .. if You'd care .. to be Dancing with Me?

---( This is a transition in which the "Next dance" turns out to not be a contra ! )----
1-2-3-1-2-3  1-2-3-4-1-2-3  1-2-3 1-2-3     ..Larry's Waltz

---( 6+  )-----
Now I don't believe much in Magical things,
no Dragons or Love Spells, or Unicorn's wings
At the end of that dance with the band in the wings(0)
I reached in the coatroom to pick up my things.

My hand's on the coatrack, so why do I see...
A long dress of White, and You dancing with Me?

---( 7 )---
I got a big "Hi There!" from Angela Sears..
"Let's drive down some back road and drink us some beers".
Well, there have been times when I'd a'grabbed at the chance
with some pretty girl in those amazing tight pants.

But I knew.. in an instant.. what I'd rather do...
Ride Alone..  Thinking.. About dancing with You.

----------( Needs Work ...)

So I've come to know well, that little laugh that comes out
only in the smile in the edge of your mouth
. . . it sets off  the flash in your eyes.
It comes out in some funny times
like the first time you looked
some tongue-tied kid wants to be dancing with you.
----------( ...)

-----( These are old verses from the Gulf War.. probably OUT )-----
I've gone many miles (since) the Huntington Grange
to places and people folks at home would call strange
On this starry night, as I walk on the sand,
I still can't believe that I'm here.

But one sniff of the air, and I know that it's true:
I'm damned far away, from dancing with you.

I know why we're here, and I know that we'll fight,
with phased array radars, that see missiles in flight.
From a carrier deck, and on into the night,
we'll cover our buddies as they roll along.

But the purpose of my life can't be what it once seemed,
if I ... vaporize .. some other man's dreams..

---- ( last verse )----
So I come back again, to the Huntington Grange.
This lovely old building holds lots of my name.
My Grandma met Grandpa just inside that door.
And I know, in my time, it can mean even more.

Many years of dancing images, around me I see.
And a long .. dress of White .. and You dancing with Me.