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UPDATE: V1.10 105/01/2018

  • Kufy has background, learning and skills to do the development of Microcomputer and Minicomputer projects that include Sensors, Actuators, Data bases, network connections, vision, word recognition etc.
    • These things have value if they enable other people to learn to make important things, and sell parts and kits to make things.
  • Kufy needs support to be able to concentrate on those things...
    • Terry can provide various kinds of support like parts and some funding for things that can be bought in Nigeria
    • Terry wants to be able to support Kufy in finding and paying for some working/living space that would allow him to concentrate better on learning new things and documenting and developing ideas and projects.

  • We need to figure out how we measure things so we both feel that things are fair.
  • At this point, we both feel we can trust each other
  • Nigeria is a different culture than USA and Terry needs to understand it better, but Terry is used to some different cultures having lived in Africa, China and the Middle East.

  • We need to work on some plan for the next 6 months
  • Kufy needs to figure out how much time he could spend on project development, writing, and web-ready documentation.
  • WE need to figure out what tools and parts Kufy will need to work on projects.