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Ultrasonic Ranging Module sensor module serial UART interface / IO interface


Ultrasonic Ranging Module 2 kinds of interface methods

The ultrasonic ranging module, measuring range of 0.10 ~ 5.00m , accuracy 1mm , measurements without direct
contact with the measured object, can show clear and stable measurement results. As the ultrasonic point to strong, energy consumption is slow, the spread in the medium distance, which is often used for ultrasonic distance measurement, such as range finders and level measurement and so can be achieved by ultrasound. Ultrasonic range finder can be applied to car parking, construction sites and the location of some industrial site monitoring can also be used for level, well depth, pipe length measurement occasions.The use of ultrasonic testing is often more rapid, convenient, easy to compute, easy to do real-time control and precision in the measurement industry to achieve practical requirements, the development of mobile robots has also been widely used
Ultrasonic distance detection module to facilitate this section, the test distance precision, low power consumption, but this module has been decentralized to the lowest price, just hope that we can spend useful and practical ultrasonic module. This module is cheap, good stability, only takes 2 single-chip IO port, the test is simple and convenient to buy at the same time even made 51 single-chip testing procedures, connect the circuit to detect the distance.
1. Features:

The module performance is stable, measure the distance accurately. Can and foreign SRF05, SRF02 ultrasonic ranging modules and other comparable.Module precision, blind (2cm) over nearly stable ranging success of this product according to market effectively!

2, Main technical parameters : </span>

1) DC power supply: DC5V </span>

2) Current: less than 10mA

3) Level: 1:5 V / V 0:0

4) sensing angle: 15 degrees less than

5) Detection range: 2CM-4.5M

6) precision: up to 0.5mm (depends on your level of programming is)

3 Works</span> </span>
1) The IO trigger distance, to the 8 - 15us high signal can be;</span></span>
2) The module automatically sends eight 40khz square wave, automatically detect whether a signal return;
3) a signal back, through the IO output a high level, high duration is ultrasonic time from launch to return.
4 How to use: the transmitter plus a 8 - 15us high level, and then begin timing at the receiving end, when the receiver is high, ultrasound propagation in the air some time to return the receiver, the receiver receives a falling edge, this process is the ultrasonic transmission time, you can use the following formula to measure the physical objects ranging from the module:</span></span></span>
Distance = (ultrasonic transmission time / 2) * 340m / s</span></span>
Serial output test pattern:external image T2sitBXapaXXXXXXXX_!!31295113.jpg
Detailed description of these applications:
1 pin

1 : connected VCC power supply (power supply range of 2.4V ~ 5.5V ).
2 . When the UART mode, the external circuit connected to this pin UART 's TX side, when the level-trigger mode, then the external circuit Trig terminal.
3 . When the UART mode, the external circuit connected to this pin UART 's RX side, when the level-trigger mode, then the external circuit Echo side.
4, 5 connected to an external circuit.

2: Distance Works
(1) when using the UART mode, the external module through the TX send 0X55 trigger
The module distance, when using level-triggered mode, by Trig terminal to at least 10us high signal to trigger distance.

(2) module receives a trigger signal, automatically sent 8 a 40khz square wave, and then detect whether a signal to return.

(3) a signal to return, calculate the ultrasonic transmission and return interval, while measuring the current temperature, according to the temperature of the ultrasonic speed of sound worthy of a current, comprehensive final calculated from the current test.

(4) When the UART mode, the module through the RX sends out two bytes from the value of the first byte is the distance from the high 8 bits ( HDate ), the second byte is the distance of the lower 8 bits ( ldata ), in millimeters. That distance is( HDATA * 256 + ldata ) mm .

(5) When level-triggered mode, the module will be converted from the value of 340m / s when the time value of 2 times, by Echo -ended output a high level, according to the duration of this high value to calculate the distance . That distance is: ( High Time * 340m / S) / 2 .

Note: Because the distance value has been subjected to a temperature correction, according to the ambient temperature at this time without the need for ultrasonic speed of sound correction, that is, no matter how much the temperature, the speed of sound options 340m / scan be.

3 through UART temperature
Temperature function only in UART mode, when the mode selected for the UART mode, through the TX end to the module to send 0X50 trigger temperature measurement, temperature measurement is completed, the module will return a byte temperature ( tDATA ), The actual temperature is tDATA-45 . For example, by TX sending 0X50 , in the RX side received 0x45 , then the temperature at this time is [69 ( 0x45 to 10 decimal value) -45] = 24 degrees.

4. Provide full information:
This module provides a full suite ranging program: P89LPC932A1, ultrasound 8 -bit digital tube display, ranging trigger level, trigger distance serial, serial trigger temperature and so on.