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PHOTOS from the Media

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From CHALLENGES Magazine https://challengesnews.com/

external image EdineCelestin-RET.jpg
“BIBLIO TAP-TAP,” a public transportation vehicle transformed into library, is an initiative from Libraries Without Borders in partnership with Fokal and the National Office of the Book, which was launched in 2012 and is aiming to encourage young people to read.The project runs three Biblio Tap-Tap (BTT).

external image cha-streetlife-economy-TML4298-sm-696x422.jpg

external image Cha-manif-22012016-MiloMilfort19-sm.jpgexternal image cha-ManifOPOSITION-24Janvier2016-GHR-6840-sm-696x422.jpg
Since the postponement of the elections, the electoral process is in “pause” mode. The opposition claims victory for having forced the CEP and the Executive power to retreat, and it now demands the departure of President Michel Martelly before February 7, 2016. This political instability already has dangerous repercussions on all of the country’s economic sectors.

external image HaitiVueduCiel.jpg
THE NATURE IN HAITI wishes a happy new year from the Grand’Anse region where the greenery that covering the mountains still bathes its feet in the sea. After the COP21 of Paris which demands from each country the adoption of firm resolutions to face the climate changes,

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