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ABOUT THE ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI:

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The purposes of this WIKI are:

  1. Make it easier for people to learn about the Arduino hardware and software environment
  2. Provide specific How-To information about a variety of Arduino-related hardware.
  3. Show projects people have built and discuss questions and problems.

I hope you will consider doing two things to advance those purposes:

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  2. Consider writing up you own pages that might:
    1. Show a project or product that you got working, and how-to do it.
    2. Provide specific How-To, including example Software Sketch where appropriate, for some Hardware or Software not covered elsewhere in this WIKI.
    3. Provide documentation for specific hardware or software add-ons to Arduino.

NOTE: This is NOT intended to replace in any way the discussion groups you will find on the discussion forums at: Arduino Forum - Index

That is the best place for general technical questions etc. There we ALL can benefit from the experience of the many Arduino enthusiasts. Feel free to email me with a link to a forum question so I can try to answer it.

THIS Wiki is a place to gather long-term information and How-to pages that many people can refer to, and answer the questions that are asked over and over again on the Forums..

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| Today 3:12 am
| My name is Virginia. I am an elementary school teacher at Williamsville Central School District in western New ayork near Buffalo. I am new to the arduino community and very grateful to come across Yourduino.




| Today 2:12 am
| I'm building my first Arduino based robot and want to understand and learn what I need to do to control it effectively. Kits often don't help you learn much. THANKS!