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Winners get choice of:

  • Yourduino Basic Robot Kit
  • Yourduino Basic Starter Set

Improve the YourDuino Basic Robot behavior:

  1. Simultaneous sensing of surroundings and robot motion
  2. Coexistence of library software for Servo and Ultrasonic sensor
  3. Smooth movements in avoidance of objects and collisions
  4. Interesting new robot behaviors
  5. Multiple robot behaviors that can be selected
  6. Good description and explanation of new software</span>

Robot Add-On Kit:</span>

  • IR Remote with receiver
  • Robot 7-way Multi-tracking sensor
  • Rainbow cable/pins
  • LEDS and Resistors
  • Buzzer (Beeper?)
  • Voltmeter?

Robot Software with added-on sensors or other devices:

  • Line following with 7-way sensor
    • Simple continuous line
    • Multi-branching line patterns

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