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Arduino Mini, although very small, but it also has all the features of Arduino, but in slightly different use. Standard
Edition comes with USB to serial Arduino board, the download circuit, so only need to add a USB cable to
complete all development work. Arduino Mini for consideration on the size, the download circuit and functional
circuit separately, so the development process is slightly trickier.

Arduino Mini USB Adapter will plug into the wildcard and the board, the first two with the line will link the 5V
and GND:
Then plug the TX and RX are both connected:

Finally, through a 100nF capacitor, the USB adapter on the DTR (pin 6 on the row) and the Arduino Mini RST
on the link. This part of the circuit is through the signal on the DTR, and reset the Arduino Mini, Arduino
Diecimila mentioned automatic reset means is this:
Well, even the USB cable, start your Arduino Mini download it, all operating with the standard version of the
Arduino is exactly the same:)

Arduino Mini USB Adapter with
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Arduino Mini sought in the design of very small volume, so the full version of the Arduino does not have full functionality, part of which is through the USB download USB Adapter
(Adapter) to achieve. USB Adapter is actually a USB to serial port of the circuit, using FT232RL chip, so in addition to the principle of the adapter can be used as Arduino Mini, but
also can be used for other needs USB to Serial (TTL level) of the occasion:
When used in line with the Arduino Mini, only to USB Adapter to the 5V, GND, TX, RX four ports, with the Arduino Mini to the corresponding 5V, GND, TX, RX is connected to
four ports on it.
2/17/2011 Arduino Mini USB Adapter with Arduin…
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After the verification in line with the above circuit also added a LED light, the aim is to use the following procedure to verify the Arduino Mini Arduino's digital output function:
int BASE = 2; int NUM = 12; int index = 0; void setup () {for (int i = BASE; i <BASE + NUM; i + +) {pinMode (i, OUTPUT);}} void loop ( ) {
The rather smooth, the above procedure easily through the USB adapter to download to the Arduino Mini, and will address the number of LED connected to the corresponding pin,
you can see the LED flashing effect.

USB Adapter is now able to determine the basic work is normal, Arduino Mini is also part of the work, and then also need to verify the features include an analog input part of the
Arduino Mini, and the 9V power supply. At this time last bought a DC power supply to come in handy, adjust the output directly to 9V, received the 9V and GND Arduino Mini
port, found just write the program is completely normal, and with a multimeter and measured the 5V on the Arduino Mini pin voltage is 5V
First here today, tomorrow, think about how to verify the analog input section, rest, rest, rest!