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Stuff to think about: How to approach technical projects:

The FITLIGHT system is a bunch of palm-sized discs on poles—or just stuck on the wall, or placed on the floor—that Payne sets up during drills. It was inspired by Erik Veje Rasmussen, a handball legend in Denmark who had this idea to devise a system that could measure and train reaction time, speed, agility and coordination. Beyond sports, FITLIGHT has partnerships with the United States military. Their goal is basic: Connect what the eye sees to what the brain thinks and how the body reacts.
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Payne sometimes places the FITLIGHT discs on the side as Curry goes through dribbling drills, or on the court, where Payne puts them in different spots, then controls them using a wireless remote. Each disc can be set to eight different colors, and Curry has to make certain moves and take certain shots based on what colors he sees. They’ll start with two to three reads, then push up to five to six in one drill. Payne says, “It’s incredibly overloading, when you’ve got that many decisions to make.”

LINK: Research on FitLight