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NOTE: EDIT this section to see how it works!

 <PRE> </PRE>

Set text color by using This is an example...

Set background color by using This is an example...

Set both by using This is an example...

The colors are in RED-GREEN - BLUE with 2 hexadecimal characters for each color. see: WIKIPEDIA

Red FF0000 Green 00FF00 BLUE 00FF00 Maybe mix a little of other colors to make green and blue visible

 {| class="wikitable" style="color: #006699; border: 2px solid darkgray; <!-- Widths are % of the AVAILABLE SCREEN WIDTH  style="border-collapse:collapse"  -->  WIKI TABLE TOP

=== ----FIXING Old WIKI Links etc ------

OLD: https:// (Followed by page)

NEW: (Page)

-------( CREATE A NEW PAGE )------

TABLE OF CONTENTS:  __TOC__  (Set location of toc)     __NOTOC__  (No toc displayed)    

NOWIKI FORMATTING: CODE ETC:  (blank space beginning of line then  lessthan nowiki morethan    </nowiki>

----(HINTS: )----
Italic text	''italic''

Bold text	'''bold'''

Bold and italic	'''''bold & italic'''''

INSERT BLANK SPACES use (&)(nbsp;)    LIKE          THIS

<span style="color:#DC143C"> TEXT you want colored  </span> (THis is Hexadecimal: 00..FF for each of Red-Green-Blue. #FF0000 is all Red. Etc)

<!-- This is a comment -->

---( LINK to formatting help )---


----  (Horizontal Rule: 4 dashes )-------------

== Level 2 ==    (Use at top only)
=== Level 3 ===
==== Level 4 ===


  • Start each line
  • with an asterisk (*).
    • More asterisks give deeper
      • and deeper levels.
- (Optional definition)


  1. Start each line
  2. with a number sign (#).
    1. More number signs give deeper
      1. and deeper
      2. levels.

Single indent
Double indent
Multiple indent

---(To start a new paragraph, leave an empty line.)---

Some HTML tags are allowed in MediaWiki, for example <code>, <div>, <span>, <pre> and <font>. These apply anywhere you insert them.

<font size=5> LARGE TEXT </font>



Use "Upload file" on left menu (must be logged in)

INSERT AN IMAGE: (OPTIONS): resize IF needed, set position, link to another page on click on image
[[Image:filename|<POSITION>|200px|link=OtherPage]]   POSITION: left, right, center

---(Force page to continue AFTER the image:)---

(Insert Other Files like PDF )

Media:SRD-05VDC-SL-C-Datasheet.pdf (link works AFTER publish)

                      • NOTE! LINKS do not work until you "Publish" the page !!! ********************************

LINKS to external sites

See details on the Arduino site here: LINK TO EXTERNAL SITE

HERE LINK to EXTERNAL SITE "HERE" is desired text.

ArduinoPower Text you want to show Link to page in this Wiki, show the text you want

Email to Terry: HERE

Anchors and Links

Example: [[YourDuinoEngStarter#INTRODUCTION| INTRODUCTION]]
[[<Page name on wiki>#<anchor name>|TEXT YOU WANT]]  NOTE: Every heading creates an automagic anchor name
NOTE!! The name of the Insert an image, (OPTIONS): resize IF needed, link to another page on click on imageHeading must have no funny characters, and have Underlines NOT SPACES.
Generic anchor: <span id="anchor_name">some text</span>. For a hidden anchor, omit the text. 
Reserved name [[#top]] always links to the top of a page.

( TABLES: use this start line in place of default: )-------
{| class="wikitable" style="color: #006699; border: 2px solid darkgray; <!-- Widths are % of the AVAILABLE SCREEN WIDTH  style="border-collapse:collapse"  -->

----( Editing the left Sidebar )------

(Inserting HTML)

HTML is not usually allowed as a security issue. We have a special tool to do it..

  • click (Special Pages) -> (Data and tools) -> (Secure HTML)
  • Enter "secret" as "jericho"
  • Paste source HTML
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Copy result HTML and paste in page in "edit source"

This will have a secret hash value in the beginning.

Other way (by Kufy) Use this at beginning of code:

1 //Some examples
2 pinMode(2,OUTPUT);

EDIT the main Menu Sidebar

Uppercase Lowercase MATTERS!


   Actual Page Name   Displayed Title
    • ArduinoInfo:About | WHO We Are


- Word .DOC imports VERY badly...