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Bootloaders and Programmers for Arduino

What you need to load "Bootloader" firmware on Arduino UNO and YourDuino RoboRED:

(It is possible to do this with another working UNO or RoboRED. See THIS LINK)

  1. Download and install Arduino IDE:
    1. (No donation)
    2. Or download from Go to: ""
    3. Click on " arduino-1.8.3-windows.exe" (LARGE download)
  2. Get a "USB-TinyISP" module $11.50 HERE or $12.95 (Free Shipping) HERE
  3. Get a USB cable A-B with a large end like THIS ONE
  4. Download and install the USB-Tinyisp Driver HERE. Run the installer, and choose "Trinket/Pro TRinket/Gemma/USB-tinyisp"
  5. Plug in USB cable to your computer
  6. Plug large square end of USB cable to USB-TinyISP module. Green LED inside should light
  7. Start the Arduino software "IDE" (click on "arduino.exe" in the install directory) (You can drag it onto desktop as "link" also)
  8. On the Arduino screen menu go to TOOLS>BOARD Select "Arduino/Genuino UNO"
  9. On the Arduino screen menu go to TOOLS> PROGRAMMER and click on USBtinyISP (Later you'll want to go back to "AVRISP mkII")
  10. Remove a RoboRED board from it's wrapping
  11. Orient the board so you can read the logo
  12. Plug the cable from the USB-TinyISP module onto the 6-pin yellow connector on the far right end of the RoboRED .
    1. Make sure the RED Stripe end of the cable is UP.
    2. The Red LED at the upper left of the RoboRED should light up steadily. The Red LED in the center of the board MAY blink
    3. NOTE: If you have a small Laptop or Tablet your USB might not have enough power. You'd need to add a powered USB Hub device.
  13. On the Arduino IDE screen, select TOOLS and then "BURN BOOTLOADER"
    1. A red LED on the USB-TinyISP module should come on for about 2 or 3 seconds
    2. Down in the dark green lowest section of the Arduino screen, you should see "Done burning bootloader".
  14. Quick Test: Just below the cable you connected to the UNO / RoboRED is a small rectangular pushbutton. Push it a few times. That should cause the red LED in the center of the RoboRED to blink 3 times very rapidly. A single blink means the bootloader burn did not succeed.
  15. Unplug the USB-TinyISP programmer cable from the RoboRED.
  16. Mark a white or black dot on the board just above the Logo.
  17. If desired, Plug a USB cable into the board, wait for driver to be set, then go to TOOLS>PORT and set port. Upload BLINK or other test sketch.
  18. Put the board back in anti-static envelope, tape.
  19. DONE!