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Infrared Distance Sensor Type E18-D80NK

This is an Infrared Transmitter and receiver which together make up a photoelectric sensor. The sensor has a long detection distance, and has less interference by visible light because it uses modulated Infrared light. This sensor has a screwdriver adjustment to set the detected distance, then gives a digital output when it senses something within that range. This sensor does not return a distance VALUE. See the photo on right: Connections are:

  • RED: +5 VDC
  • GREEN: Ground
  • YELLOW: Output: Open Collector Pulldown: Use 10K Pullup resistor to +5V

Electrical Characteristics:InfraredDistance1-250.jpg

  • Power Supply: 5VDC
  • supply current DC <25mA
  • maximum load current 100mA (Open-collector NPN pulldown output)
  • response time <2ms
  • Diameter: 17MM
  • pointing angle: ≤ 15 °, effective from 3-80CM Adjustable
  • detection of objects: transparent or opaque
  • working environment temperature: -25℃+55℃
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Lead Length: 45CM



The technology behind this effective distance sensor is Modulation of Infrared Light. The receiver is sensitive only to infrared light and only when it receives the correct signal. Therefore it is not very sensitive to ambient light compared to plain Infrared detectors.