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LILYPAD and Variants


Arduino LilyPad Arduino Mainboard wearable microcontroller development board Y30LilyPad-328.jpg

For the wearable device and electronic textile developed. Its processor core is ATmega328. Compact and lightweight compact board provides a powerful and complete Arduino function and pin, leads six analog and 14 digital input ports, and i2c communication interface, SPI communication interface, and a PC connected to a communication need another USB to serial module. DIY like a simple children's shoes can even modify your mobile phone battery used to power Arduino lilypad Mainboard board, with long battery life you can enjoy your own portable Arduino DIY fun


  • Operating Voltage 2.7 - -5.5 V</span>
  • Input voltage 2.7 - -5.5 V</span>
  • Digital I / O pins 14 (6 provide PWM output)</span>
  • Analog input pin 6</span>
  • Each I / O pin DC current 40mA</span>
  • Flash boot loader used 16 KB (2 KB)</span>
  • SRAM 1 KB</span>
  • EEPROM 512 bytes</span>
  • 8 MHz clock speed</span>

Wearable LilyPad Arduino USB-ATmega32U4 Board microcontroller development board Y30LilyPadUSB.jpg

Arduino LilyPad USB Arduino is a special version for electronic textiles and wearable devices developed. Processor core Arduino LilyPad USB is ATmega32U4. Board raises the analog and digital ports mouth, and i2c communication interface and PC communications do not need USB to serial module, chip built-in virtual serial port. Only need a common Micro USB data cable can be programmed Arduino lilypad USB program to achieve what you want portable functionality. The board also provides a portable lithium battery interface, like the DIY children's shoes can simply modify your mobile phone battery to the board for Arduino lilypad USB-powered, of course, do not worry about charging problem, we are above board Arduino lilypad USB rechargeable lithium battery design circuit, as long as the Micro USB data cable connected to a lithium battery that can be recharged. With long battery life you can enjoy your own portable Arduino DIY fun!

Dimensions: 51 * 51.5 * 2.5CM

Weight: 7.5G

LilyPad LED module is a set of five Y5 LilyPadLED.jpg

Arduino lilypad new wearable sensor buzzerLilyPadBuzzer.jpg