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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: January 2020 (Another Wood Heating Season!)

Those of us who heat with wood NEED to do these things:

  • Remember to stoke the stove before the fire gets too far down and is harder to get a new load of wood burning well
  • Remember to close the stove door if it was cracked open to start a new load of wood quickly.
  • Remember to turn the stove draft down as we approach a good temperature without too much overshoot
  • Consider the outdoor temperature and the current indoor temperature as a factor in needed heat output
  • Monitor the firebox temperature where wood is burning
  • Monitor the output flue gas temperature to warn of low-temp creosote formation condition
  • Monitor the output flue gas temperature high in the pipe for a sudden high temperature indicative of a chimney fire, sound an alarm
  • Later add servo control of stove draft.

Needed Hardware:

  • Thermocouple Interfaces (3) and Thermocouples in flue. upper flue and on firebox
  • DS18B20 Temperature sensors: Indoor and Outdoor temperatures
  • 4-line LCD display
  • Button controls / Menu system
  • Loud? Audio output for alarms
  • Real Time Clock
  • Ethernet Interface

Needed Software:

  • Temperature sensor libraries
  • Button library
  • Menu Library
  • RTC library
  • Ethernet library
  • Application code!

HowTo Make your own thermocouples