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YourDuinoStarter Example: SketchTemplate

This is a template to use to start when you write your own Software Sketches. It will Verify OK as it is. Then you can start adding definitions, variables, external Libraries, etc. And THEN your own code logic.
Suggestion: Run VERIFY often to catch mistakes and misspellings.

(Copy the text in the box below and Paste it into a blank Arduino IDE window)

/* YourDuinoStarter Example: Sketch Template
 - SEE the comments after "//" on each line below
 - V1.00 09/11/12
   Questions: */

/*-----( Import needed libraries )-----*/
/*-----( Declare Constants and Pin Numbers )-----*/
/*-----( Declare objects )-----*/
/*-----( Declare Variables )-----*/

void setup()   /****** SETUP: RUNS ONCE ******/

}//--(end setup )---

void loop()   /****** LOOP: RUNS CONSTANTLY ******/

}//--(end main loop )---

/*-----( Declare User-written Functions )-----*/

//*********( THE END )***********