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Arduino MicroController Chips


The Arduino board that you can hold in your hand has a "Chip" on it which is the actual computer you are programming. The chip is the square black thing above and right of the "RoboRED" label in the photo below. There are 32 silver colored metal connections around it, 8 on a side.

The black square is really plastic and it protects the actual CHIP which is inside it. WIKIPEDIA page of the Arduino CHIP (click)

>What a chip really looks like

If you used some (dangerous chemicals) to remove most of the plastic you could see the actual chip inside. It would look like this:


The connections from the silver colored outside pins to the chip are the tiny gold wires. An Arduino UNO chip in the factory, before being "encapsulated" in the plastic looks like this:

ATMEL MEGA328P AU 1328.jpg