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OK, things Kufy and Terry need to decide soon; big ideas not product details... Maybe we both put in things here.... Mark (K) or (T) ?

Who Does What?


  1. Finish documentation and Teacher Materials for EAsyConnect Kit
  2. Send out samples to schools, follow up..
  3. Test Kufy examples!
  4. Set up SLACK -DONE


  1. Build Projects
  2. Develop Wiki documentations
  3. Develop NG marketing for YourDuino type products

What are the project priorities?


  1. ESP8266 Wi-Fi light switch (DONE. Need to create Wiki)
  2. AC power monitoring device with ESP8266 and nodeRED server
  3. Voice control of home appliances using Google Voice SDK
  4. Node-RED dashboard (control)
  5. Node-RED dashboard (sensor display)
  6. Node-RED over internet
  7. Node-RED with IFTTT
  8. Node-RED with email
  9. Raspberry Pi with 3G
  10. Raspberry Pi with 4G dongle
  11. Remote Raspberry Pi Access Using Tunneling Services (PiTunnel, ngrok, dataplicity)
  12. Securely Accessing Node-RED over internet
  13. Telegram bot for accessing nodeRED over the internet
  14. Raspberry Pi Motion Detection with Image Capture
  15. Raspberry Pi Face Recognition


  1. Finish "Easy-Plug" product kit definition
    1. Software including per-lesson versions (DONE Cleanup Needed)
    2. MIXLY Visual Language examples per-lesson
    3. Teacher Materials for teacher education
    4. Packaging, build proto kits, send to reviewers
  2. Home Automation Kit definition

What do we need to learn?


  1. IOT Software and protocols (What ARE these things? How do they work together?)
    1. nodeRED
    2. NODEMCU
    3. MQQT
    4. LUA ??
    5. Python (On what, for what?)


  1. nodeRED
  2. Micropython
  3. MQTT
  4. Lua
  5. ESP Mesh Networking
  6. Python and Tkinter
Update May 2019

Career Path (I think)

  • Algorithm design
  • Embedded C (Communication(I2C, SPI, UART, etc.), ADC, Input/Output)
  • Embedded Linux Programming
  • C/C++
  • Arm Assembly Language
  • AVR
  • PIC
  • AT Command
  • Python
  • BASH
  • PCB Design/CNC Milling (Product Development)
  • 3D CAD (Product Enclosure Designs)
  • 3D Printing (Product Enclosures)
  • Android (Apps for Embedded Systems)
  • iOS (Apps for Embedded Systems)

(Have an understanding of these)

  • SQL
  • HTML
  • Machine Learning
  • AI

What do we need to GET?

  1. Smart Speaker for IOT etc.
    1. see: [WIRED Article]
  2. Raspberry Pi Camera V2
  3. Raspberry Pi Speakers
  4. Raspberry Pi USB Microphone
  5. ESP-EYE (ESP with video capabilities)
  6. HLK-5M05 5W power module for powering Arduino, Raspberry Pi straight from mains (without battery)
  7. HLK-5M03 3W power module for powering ESP8266 straight from mains (without battery)
  8. Lithium battery power source for Raspberry Pi (UPS HAT) - This is to avoid sudden power outage from the raspberry when the mains power is out