YourDuinoStarter LED PWM Dimmer

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This Software Sketch shows how Arduino can read Analog Voltages and use the resulting values to control the brightness of an LED or other device.

This example uses a Potentiometer connected as a "Voltage Divider" from +5V to Ground. The "wiper" connection that is changed as the user rotates the pot can go from 0.0V (Ground) to 5.0V As the pot is rotated the software outputs a corresponding PWM signal so the LED brightness changes.</span>

The pot's "wiper" is connected to Analog Pin 0. As the user rotates the pot, the value can go from 0 to 1023.

The PWM value that will control the LED brightness has a range of 0 to 255. It's necessary to Map the values of 0..1023 to values of 0..255. Fortunately Arduino has a Map function that makes it easy. See the example program below.

(Copy the text in the box below and Paste it into a blank Arduino IDE window)

/* YourDuinoStarter_LED_PWM_Dimmer
 - Reads voltage on Analog Pin 0 and displays value
 - Converts integer value to volts and displays it
 - Maps analog voltage to PWM value to control LED
 - SEE the comments after "//" on each line below
 - Potentiometer from +5 to Ground, center to pin A0
 - LED and 220 ohm resistor to pin 3 and ground
 - V1.03 02/11/13
 Questions: */

/*-----( Import needed libraries )-----*/
/*-----( Declare Constants and Pin Numbers )-----*/
#define analogPin  A0  // In separate group of pins
#define ledPin     3  // The onboard LED
/*-----( Declare objects )-----*/
/*-----( Declare Variables )-----*/
int    analogIntValue;    // Holds the integer 10 bit value read in
float  analogVoltsValue;  // Value converted to 0..5V 
int    mappedPWM_Value;   // To control LED

void setup()   /****** SETUP: RUNS ONCE ******/
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
  Serial.begin(9600);   //Start sending to "Serial Monitor"
  Serial.println("YourDuinoStarter: Pot control LED PWM Dimmer.");
}//--(end setup )---

void loop()   /****** LOOP: RUNS CONSTANTLY ******/

/*---( Read Sensors )------*/
  analogIntValue = analogRead(analogPin); //Read value

  Serial.print("10 Bit Integer VALUE = ");
  Serial.print(analogIntValue,DEC); // Print value 
  analogVoltsValue = analogIntValue * (5.0 / 1024.0);
  Serial.print("    0 to 5V VALUE = ");
  Serial.print(analogVoltsValue, 3); // Print value     

/*---( Make Decisions )------*/
/*--( Maps analog voltage to PWM value to control LED )--*/

  mappedPWM_Value = map( analogIntValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255);
  Serial.print("   PWM Value = ");
  Serial.println(mappedPWM_Value); // Print value    

/*---( Take Actions )------*/
  analogWrite(ledPin, mappedPWM_Value);

  delay(2000);     // Wait 2 seconds

}//--(end main loop )---

/*-----( Declare User-written Functions )-----*/
//*********( THE END )***********