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The Arduino "IDE" software looks virtually the same on Windows, MAC or Linux, but the Installation procedures are different. Below, you can pick which one you need.

NOTE: Chromebooks can not install the standard Arduino IDE software, but they can use the online Arduino Create editor. For information please read THIS PAGE: Arduino for Chromebooks Then skip the Arduino Installation instructions below.

The online IDE will look ALMOST like you'll see in our many examples.

Oh.. "What's this IDE thing all about anyway" ??

The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (WikiPedia) is the software you use on your computer to write software Sketches and then upload and run them on the YourDuino hardware. The IDE is like a word processor for writing software.

Now, go to our pages below to download and install the software for your operating system:

After Installation, or if your board is already installed, continue with Learn Arduino.