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These are projects developed by the customers of, by our own staff, or by BILDR.ORG.


This project is for the design and construction of a electrically-heated kiln for making "Warm Glass", which is glass heated until pieces fuse together or "slump" or "drape" over shaped molds.

Make Your Own Thermocouples

A type K thermocouple (made of chromel–alumel) is useful from -200 °C to +1350 °C (-330 °F to +2460 °F). You can measure temperatures in ovens, kilns, woodstoves, and engine exhaust gases etc.

HANDBAT: A handheld UltraSonic Sensor that beeps how far away things are.

Handbat Instructable Link

INSTRUCTABLES: A site with how-to for MANY Arduino Projects. has parts for many of these projects.

BILDR.ORG : A great collection of easy to understand examples, including example code.

Gregory Fenton's Instructable: Arduino-based Remote Control Chicken Coop Controls] - by George at Hay River Software LLC Apple Storage Controls]- by George at Hay River Software LLC

George has two other interesting projects underway. We will link to his blog so you see updates as they happen:

Hydroponic Controls Growing lettuce, and more....

Stock tank control Keeping water unfrozen for livestock with minimal electric power


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