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Here we will show you how to use Arduino with a large variety of devices. Most pages will show you the device, how to connect it to Arduino and use it, and example Arduino code.



There are many different types of sensors that can be connected to Arduino which allow information to be gathered from the real world environment. This includes physical variables like Temperature, Light, Motion, Position and many others.

Here are some of our HOW-TO Pages for different sensors:



There are many type of Actuators that can be connected to Arduino and controlled by it. Actuators cause some physical action to be taken, such as movement, lighting, heating, motor action, display of information, sending or receiving network, radio communications etc. Let's list some of the types of Actuators:

  • LIGHT: LEDs, Incandescent and Fluorescent lamps, LCD displays, lasers
  • SOUND: Buzzers, Beepers, Speakers, MP3/Audio players, synthesizers
  • MOTION: DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Servo-motors, solenoids, "muscle-wire", electromagnets
  • POWER CONTROL: Control of other electrically operated devices

Some of our HOW-TO Pages about Actuators:


EllipseHumanInterface.png There are Sensors and Actuators that are especially designed to interact with people.



There are many many devices that communicate to other devices that are far away. We'll show some.
These days we are used to devices we can walk or drive around with while they continue to work. They are WIRELESS . Actually they are communicating by RADIO. We know them by names like WIFI and BLUETOOTH and CELLPHONE.

Back when Terry started working in Radio Broadcasting (1956) the word "Wireless" was a very OLD word for the early radio era.
Electronics And Communications discussion

Communications over WIRES

Communications using LIGHT

Communications using Radio Frequencies